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Missy: Shelter Director

     Our rock, our most loyal and dedicated staff member here at our shelter, our director; Missy. She has been with the Humane Society of Richland County for 11 years and a Humane Agent for 10. This job is her life and her passion. Since she was a little girl, she has been involved with animals her whole life. Prior to working at our shelter, she was a volunteer for the Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center, the Dog Warden’s Office, Gorman Nature Center, a rescue transport, worked at a Kennel at a Vet’s office, and literally helped any animal she could.
     Missy is a mother to her 14 year old son who shares her love and passion for cats. She is also a mother to 4 Dogs (Lucas, Fergie, Monkey, Asha), 7 cats (Laba, Cat-Bob, Sgt. Stripes, Nopa, Barbosa, Moose, and Vandy), and at the shelter 5 rats (Eowyn., Eliza, Ferra, Boromir, and Papa Pistachio) and one beta fish (Michael Phelps). At the shelter, Missy spends her time communicating with the public, ensuring that all animals are healthy and happy here, and working very hard to keep improving our shelter in any way she can.  

Lauren: Office Supervisor

     Lauren grew up in Shelby with her grandparents, which sparked her love for animals. Her grandma would help her bring home abandoned animals and care for them. Lauren is a mother to her 5 year old daughter and also to her 4 cats (Blanche, Hootie, Pheobe and Axel), her dog (Jax), and various gold fish. She is hardworking and she is a lover to all living things. At the shelter, Lauren assists adopters in finding their new forever pets and helps maintain the shelter to ensure all the animals are taken care of properly. Lauren currently is studying to become a vet technician at Penn Foster. She uses her skills and knowledge to help the animals and shelter and she is always ready for a new challenge; always happy to help any animal in need!

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Salli: Kennel Supervisor

     Salli is our true dog whisperer at the Humane Society- she is dogs best friend. When she was little, she was well known in the neighborhood because she visited everyone’s dogs and cats. There was always a special connection between her and animals. She attended NC State and Ohio State and received her degree in social welfare. She worked at Mansfield City Schools as a special ed bus driver for 25 years and has worked at the Humane Society for 6 years. She is a mother to 3 sons and her 4 dogs (Elvis, Karma, Bunny, Poppy) and a grandmother to 3 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.

     At the shelter, Salli spends most of her days with all of our dogs. She considers all of them to be her dogs until they find their forever home. In her words, “I need them as much as they need me”.

Emily: Shelter Manager

      A true cat lady and a clean fanatic- Emily is our shelter office manager. She grew up in Columbus and moved to Mansfield when she met her husband. Emily is a mother to her son and a mother to six cats (Cali, Clyo, Lilkee, Buttons, Olive, and Lotus), two dogs (Kiwi and Juniper), two rats (Remy and GusGus), and one fish (Scarlett). Her passion for animals started the moment she knew what animals were and her love for cats is inherited from her Grandmother. She started volunteering at her local Humane Society in 7th grade and was always involved with animals since. She attended Ohio University and received a bachelor degree in commercial photography, specializing in fashion photography with pets. No matter where life had taken her, animals were always her focus.
     While working at the Humane Society of Richland County, Emily wants to help the shelter be more successful by making sure it stays clean, organized, and all the animals stay healthy and happy. She is always making sure that our shelter looks and smells great for visitors. Emily always strives to find new ways to improve and organize our shelter and make it the best it can be!