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Indoor Cats-  Information on why indoor is the best for  your furry feline friend!

Crate Training 101- Training your dog or puppy how to use a crate takes a little bit of patience and practice.  Here are a few tips!

Proper Pet Care - Ever wonder what is required by law or what we consider proper pet care?  Check it out!

Spay and Neuter 101- Why get your pet spayed or neutered?  Here's some benefits, information, and myths for you to read up on!

Foster Feline Information- Have you found a pregnant cat, or a litter of kittens?  We have some answers for you when it comes to proper care for them.  Kittens immune system isn't strong enough to survive a shelter environment until about 8 weeks old.  If you choose to foster a cat or kittens until they can be in the shelter, this information is crucial.

New Puppy Information- Thank you for choosing to adopt and not shop!  Here are some facts about your new puppy that you need to check out!

Some of our adopted pets!

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